Vet CPD - Client interaction, communication and team leadership.

Onsite workshops in SW France available for 2018 / 2019


Understanding  Animal Transactions for vet practice

Including client communication and team leadership skills.

October 31st - 2nd November




Desensitising for clinical intervention November 21st - 23rd




Understanding  Animal Transactions for vet practice

Including client communication and team leadership skills.


Places still available


2018 / 19 bespoke - 2 and 3 day courses - flexible dates and schedules to suit your practice. Please email for more information



Working with Animal Transactions for vet practice and zoo practitioners 

Course cost £380*


A weekend course aimed at qualified veterinarians and animal handlers, learning and applying desensitising and physiotherapy techniques, applying Animal Transaction models across species.


CPD ( Continuing Professional Development)

Making enrichment work

Course cost £380*

A two day course aimed at professionals working within animal environments exploring Animal Transactions, and how to understand and apply principles to enrich the lives of our charges.


Physiotherapy for equines

Course cost £420

Designed for equine veterinarians and specialists, this two day course aims to highlight the benefits of Animal Transactions within a physiotherapy environment. Warming up the horse, exercising muscles on lame horses and teaching the handler beneficial ways of modelling shape through Animal Transactions.


CPD ( Continuing Professional Development)

People and herd dynamics

Course cost £380

This two day course aims to address the ways in which we can utilise Animal Transactions in the real world. Exploring the ways that herds as well as groups and teams work, studying techniques that assist with confidence both whilst working with animals and interacting with our human client base. Ideal for young professionals, and can also be hosted as a team event to promote confident team work within animal practice.



Understanding behaviour for vet practice

Course cost £240

With more animal consults arriving with injuries sustained due to behavioural issues this course is invaluable for qualified veterinarians and senior vet nurses. This course explains how you can make AnimalTransactions work within your practice to understand not just the species but human client interactions. Through AnimalTransactions we explore, evaluate and practise the underlying reasons for unwanted behaviour and consider and practise ways in which we can address clients needs as well as learning confidence techniques to work with client behaviour



Desensitising for clinical intervention

Course cost £380

A much over looked area of veterinarians and professional animal handlers work, we typically don't worry about desensitisation for interaction until faced with a problem. This course is designed to assist with client interaction, teaching Animal Transaction models to enable the veterinarian, the handler and indeed the client ways in which to desensitise animals for injection and clinical and topical intervention, thus creating a safer working environment for animal practitioners and clients alike.


For off site workshops, professional development, workshops within practise, team building events in France or at your workplace, please contact directly for more information.


For a visit to our animal park, and to learn more about AnimalTransactions visit our website


* Cost excludes accommodation which can be arranged locally or onsite. Excludes flights and transfers to and from the centre - Easy Jet and BA fly into Toulouse from most major UK airports, City Jet from London City into Pau, and Ryan Air into Lourdes Tarbes airport. 

Transfers can be arranged as can additional team building events, wine tours and mountain ski trips ( seasonal) at a supplement or direct with local suppliers.




Sarah is running lectures and workshops at vet practices,  and behavioural workshops throughout the UK in 2018 / 19 please mail for details.

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