"It's not the behaviour of the person, the client, the handler or the animal that's at fault, it's the understanding of that interaction at a profound level that helps us achieve our goals"


Sarah Bird 


In today's society we all look for a quick fix to our problems 

We're hungry - we grab some food

We're in a hurry - we catch a cab

We need to buy it - we use a card

We need to train it - we turn to page 47 of which ever manual we have

We need to research - we Google

Essentially, many people attempt to buy a "quick fix"


There are of course, those who buy in to expensive and complex training programs, who are taught the principles of training methodologies, shown methods that work but when back at the ranch and applying these methods, they realise that not one size fits all. By understanding the psychology and behaviour behind the animal we practise with, we open our minds to changing and adapting principles that can be managed and practised with our own animals, those who we are training, and back in our comfort zone!


For anyone who has studied Johari's Window, we all know and understand the principles of what needs to be done in just about every interaction we ever have. So why do we look for a quick fix? Why do we research the answers, when they're in front of us? Why do we buy someone to fix something when we can just as well fix it ourselves?


Why would we pile in at full force to treat an animal, without understanding the background information, and what has caused the incident or injury in the first place? By understanding AnimalTransactions, we're understanding the underlying principles of these groups or herds, or indeed pride of animals and applying our understanding to ensure that our transaction is thought through, appropriate, as stress free and force free as possible - what's more, by our understanding, we're able to consider ways in which this can be avoided thus saving clients future call out charges, money and resources thus saving our time.  By applying techniques learnt within AnimalTransactions, we're developing our relationship further with the client and working for the well-being of our charges. and future interactions with the species.


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